Farm Bureau Sets Farm Bill Priorities

American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall announced AFBF’s priorities Thursday for the upcoming farm bill renewal. The priorities include maintaining farm bill program funding.
“The farm bill funding is an investment in some of the most fundamental elements of a strong country, one being a strong food supply. The farm bill has a long tradition of inspiring lawmakers to rise above politics to achieve a common goal. We urge the 118th Congress, when it’s seated, to carryout and carry on that tradition.”
AFBF’s key priorities include keeping nutrition and farm programs together and supporting risk management tools.
“Another priority is to maintain a unified farm bill which keeps nutrition and farm programs together. Why is that so important? Because it makes perfect sense that one single bill supports the people who produce the food and supports the people who need assistance accessing nutritious food for their families. And federal crop insurance commodity programs help to balance the volatility that farmers face, which is important to ensure a stable food supply.”
Duvall says the challenge ahead will be to make sure every member of Congress understands the importance of the legislation.
“There’s a huge percentage of Congress that has not had this challenge in front of them and we need to make understand how important it is to all Americans, whether you’re in rural America, whether you farm or not, or whether you’re in urban America. And it’s not just about farming, it is about America and its national security.”
Farm Bureau delegates will consider and give final approval to the priorities during the 2023 Farm Bureau Convention, in Puerto Rico. Learn more at

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