‘A Lot of Exhausted Farmers’ in Southwest Indiana as Harvest Continues

“There are a lot of exhausted farmers around in southwest Indiana,” says Pioneer agronomist Dan Emmert in this Pioneer Field Update. He explains that harvest in that area has been ongoing for nearly two months straight with little to no rain.
“I’ve been speaking with several guys who have finished up and they never had a day off. Two weeks ago, we had a little less than a tenth of rain which kept guys out for a few hours but then they were able to get back in again.”
“Variable” continues to be the word to describe this year’s crop by farmers and agronomists alike. Emmert is no different.
“As you move north from the Ohio River, the farther north you go, I think yields, in general, tend to get better. I trace a lot of that back to the rainfall timing that we had back in early July. Overall, yields are good, not great…there are some fields that are doing very, very well and then some others that are just definitely off the pace. But rainfall was so variable, even within three miles, I think that is explaining a lot of it.”
Emmert says results from soybean plots and side-by-side comparisons have them excited at Pioneer.
“The new Pioneer A-Series soybeans are performing very, very well compared to some of our previous series Enlist beans or competitors’ soybeans as well. So, we’re really excited about that and being able to get those out on a broad scale next year. Some of it goes back to charcoal tolerance; we’re seeing a lot of charcoal rot. We saw a lot of SDS earlier in the year when we were so wet in July. So, I think having a solid disease tolerance package is really paying off this year.”
Hear the full HAT interview with Pioneer agronomist Dan Emmert below.

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