How Indiana-based Taranis Uses Satellites and Drones to Help Improve Yields

As the Hoosier Ag Today team reports from Kansas City at the National Association of Farm Broadcasters convention, one of the companies that is being featured at the convention is Taranis, which is based out of Westfield, Indiana.
“Indiana really is a great place to have a team and being deeply invested in Indiana has been a really great decision for our company,” says Mike DiPaola, Chief Commercial Officer of Taranis. His company uses the latest technologies available to show Indiana farmers the issues that may exist with their crops before they become a problem and rob yield in the fall.
“What we use is a combination of artificial intelligence, drone aerial technologies, plane and satellite technologies to bring a leaf-level view of a farmer’s field to understand the start that it got,” says DiPaola. “Let’s understand the threats and verify the right management techniques. Are we working the right way? What do we understand about our crop? What decisions can we make better?”
And that technology is something that would’ve been thought of as science fiction just a generation ago.

One of the drones from Taranis on display above the crowd at the National Association of Farm Broadcasters convention in Kansas City. Photo: C.J. Miller / Hoosier Ag Today.

“Simply put, we can read your business card from the sky,” says DiPaola. “The technology is much more advanced today. We’ve made it economically feasible to understand at emergence the stands that you have gotten. What the species of weeds are in your fields and what that means for your output. We can literally count and quantity the defoliated holes in your soybean crop.”
Mike says their product is available through ag retailers to help Indiana farmers get the most out of their yields.
“It’s kind of like game tape. You’re never too good as an athlete to not need to improve and understand what you’ve done,” says DiPaola. “What we do is we remove a lot of the guesswork. Think of it as scouting – just with great technology that enables advisors and those who support growers to have a better, more enriched discussion to get a better outcome for everyone there in that community.”
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Click BELOW to hear C.J. Miller’s news report and interview with Mike DiPaola, Chief Commercial Officer with Taranis, as he discusses how his company uses drones and satellites to get a leaf-level view of a farmer’s field to identify any possible issues that may rob yield in the fall.

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