Electric Vehicles Won’t Have AM Radios

People shopping for electric vehicles will see that most don’t have AM radio, and it’s a move not sitting well with rural farm broadcasters.
Nathan Simington is a Commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission who spoke to broadcasters at the National Association of Farm Broadcasting’s annual convention. He brought a unique perspective to the topic after growing up on a farm in Canada.
“AM radio is an indispensable source of information for more than three million farmers in the U.S.,” Simington says. “To those who say AM is a dead technology, 75 percent of farmers listen to the radio five days per week.”
For those who don’t know, AM radio is also the “essential spine” of the Emergency Alert System.
“More importantly, farm broadcasters, especially those on AM, are a trusted source of information,” Simington adds. “Forget about oil and gas. These days, trust is the most important commodity out there.”

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