Mosaic Offers Two Biological Soil Health Products for Indiana Farmers to Consider

Left to right: Mark Sowder, Kim Nicholson, Amber Harrison and Dion Pearce with The Mosaic Company at the 2022 NAFB Convention in Kansas City, Missouri. Photo: C.J. Miller / Hoosier Ag Today.

It was earlier this year that the ag company Plant Response – known for its biological-based soil health products – was purchased by The Mosaic Company. Now that the two companies are under one umbrella, they’re now offering a couple of biological fertilizer complements – BioPath® and PowerCoat® – that might make sense for your farm operation.
“The biological world is really about taking and maximizing or optimizing your nutrient use efficiency,” says Matt Sowder, Director of Global Agronomy with Plant Response and Mosaic.
“BioPath® is our water-based liquid formulation that fits your liquid fertilizer program. If you’re putting in sidedress or doing in-furrow applications, it goes in the tank and it’s an easy fix. If you are looking at going out with dry fertilizer, PowerCoat® is an oil-based formulation that can be applied to dry fertilizer,” says Sowder.
How do these biological products work?
“Both of those products are Bacillus-based spore-forming bacteria that are applied to crops,” according to Sowder. “As they colonize roots, what they do is they solubilize some of the fertility in the surrounding soil and then they also enable that nutrition to then be taken up by the plant even better.”
Sowder says there are three major benefits of using these biological soil health products from Mosaic.
“BioPath® and PowerCoat® have a very sound body of science behind them,” according to Sowder. “They’ve been tested extensively for five years we have great testing data coming out of Indiana. Secondly, they are known modes of action, so there’s not any guessing. The third thing that you really need to know as a producer is fits your operation.”
He adds the products are easy to use – easy to handle – and have a shelf life of a year-and-a-half.
“What we have are products that don’t require a lot of special handling,” says Sowder. “There’s no refrigeration – there’s no specific time limit once those are applied. Once those products are applied, whether it’s by the retailer on your dry fertilizer or even by you in the tank at the farm, you have 18 months to use those products.”
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