‘Women4theLand’ Discussion Will Feature on Seminar Stage at Indiana Farm Expo

“Women have a really large role in land management, and the number of women in agriculture is increasing every year,” says Brianne Lowe. She is the Indiana State Biologist for the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service. She also serves as facilitator and training coordinator for Women4theLand. 
“Women4theLand is a statewide initiative that uses a networking method in informal settings to really connect local women landowners to each other and to resource professionals and organizations,” says Lowe. 
Women 4 the Land written in script with number 4 formed by a hand holding a plantDuring events hosted by local Soil and Water Conservation Districts, women who farm or own land are connected with resource professionals for discussions on conservation, soil health, and other land related topics.  
“A large portion of women landowners are over the age of 65. And I don’t know the exact statistics, but we know that more than half of all land is either owned or co-owned by women now. And so because women are taking a more active role in that land management, they have a lot of questions, and they have a lot of desire to understand what various decisions mean for their land.” 
Lowe and her colleagues are bringing the discussion to the seminar stage at the Indiana Farm Equipment and Technology Expo Presented by AgriFinancial and Reynolds Farm Equipment.  
“We’re going to talk about the values that many of our women participants in these programs have or the questions they’ve had for their land and why these have been so important in driving the topics for these learning circles and other women led events. 
“I would suspect that many of the attendees at the Farm Expo have women in their lives that are involved with the farm on some level. Maybe they’re going to be passing it on to someone in their family and or have someone in their family that wants to get some more information.” 
They’ll be presenting on Thursday, Dec. 15 starting at 11 a.m.
For more information about the Indiana Farm Equipment and Technology Expo Presented by AgriFinancial and Reynolds Farm Equipment, visit indianafarmexpo.com.

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