Upgrading Technology on the Farm

Day one of the Indiana Farm Equipment & Technology Expo presented by Reynolds Farm Equipment and AgriFinancial is in the books. The free seminar stage featured ag technology on the first day and was headlined by Indiana ag tech company Intelinair and Chad Colby from TVs This Week in Agribusiness.
Colby, who will be on the stage again Wednesday afternoon at 12:30, says talking to farmers about technology is about pushing some of them out of their comfort zone.
“When you ask the group of people how many have automation in their combines and you’ve got 100-150 people standing there and three people raise their hand, that means there’s opportunity. And it’s the same way with the smartphones. We all had a laugh when I asked how many people have a button on their iPhone and there were a lot. Well, when you see the information in black and white and have a discussion about why you should consider upgrading, it makes you feel like you need to stop at the Verizon store after you leave the show here today. But the reality is, that’s what these shows are for. They’re for learning, and you guys have a lot of great opportunities here. It’s not just me speaking; you’ve got a full schedule of other speakers as well. It’s more than just seeing good equipment here.”
Colby focuses on automation in his presentation, which he says is the future of agriculture.
“Labor is the biggest challenge, and if we can use automation… I don’t mean jumping to John Deere’s fully autonomous tractor. I’m talking about maybe buying the option for automation in your next combine. Or maybe you get that new phone that’s got some more features built in it that saves you some time. Maybe it’s a new lawnmower because yours is 10 years old and you need some new technology, or a sprayer drone, whatever it might be on your farm, automation for your grain dryer, it could be anything. I think the part of it is today that you’ve got to plan more than ever, but you’ve got to find that weak link on your operation. And events like this allow guys a chance to think a little bit about where that next investment in money needs to go on their farm.”
The Indiana Farm Equipment & Technology Expo continues Wednesday and Thursday. Again, Colby is back on the free seminar stage at 12:30. Prior to that, Indiana Farm Bureau Vice President Kendell Culp gives an Indiana Farm Bureau update ahead of their annual convention this weekend, Dr. Jim Mintert from the Purdue Center for Commercial Agriculture and his team will be here to give their economic outlook for 2023, market analysts Mike Silver from Kokomo Grain and John Zanker from Risk Management Commodities will provide their market outlook for next year, and Hoosier Ag Today Chief Meteorologist Ryan Martin will provide his spring planting weather outlook.
The full seminar schedule and the list of exhibitors can be found at indianafarmexpo.com.

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