Tips from CountryMark to Help Your Diesel Engines When Temperatures Dip Below Freezing

An arctic cold front may be coming the weekend of Christmas – which means it may be well below freezing for several straight days! When it gets that cold, your diesel engines may not be working so well.

“I know temperatures aren’t quite as cold right now, but winter operability should be at the forefront of your minds,” says Mike Bradley, Business Development Manager with CountryMark. (Mike is pictured above with fellow CountryMark Business Development Manager Meggie Foster.)

When diesel fuel gets below freezing, wax crystals can form which puts pressure on your fuel filter making it more difficult to start. But Mike has several tips to help you get more power and performance out of your diesel engine throughout the winter.

“Number one, check your tanks to see if you have any moisture content. One of the biggest things that we find is that there’s moisture inside of those tanks, and when the winter months hit, it leads to icing,” Mike says.

“The second one is understanding that diesel fuel stratifies – if you have summer fuel on the bottom of your tank and you’re adding winter diesel fuel on top of that, it’ll stratify and it’ll continue to suck down the summer diesel fuel in until you get to your winter diesel fuel, so we always preach a two-tank turn,” says Mike.

“Thirdly, if you happen to be a CountryMark consumer of fuel products – for our winter operability – we’re typically at a three-degree cloud, and we get 15 numbers of operability with our Premium Dieselex-4 with ProFlow winter blend, which would take you to a minus 12,” Mike says. “We also have a second option for winter operability, which is our Premium Dieselex-4 with ProFlow Extreme, which gives you another two numbers of operability and get you around that minus 14 operability number.”


Earlier this fall, CountryMark rolled out its new Premium Dieselex-4 with ProFlow to improve power and performance during the harsh winter months.

“We went back to the drawing board probably ten months ago and looked at how we make our product even better. The most important thing in a diesel fuel in its cleanliness – and cleanliness is detergency – so, we went back, and we reformulated our detergent additive to be more robust,” Mike says.

“What you were used to buying was a really good detergency additive pack – but, what we’ve come up with now leads us into the new world of engine technology. ProFlow performs better in biodiesel or petrodiesel (B0). As we try to continue to be the leader in the diesel fuel market, we felt like we had to do better for our customers. That’s why we came up with Proflow,” says Mike.

Click HERE to read more about CountryMark’s new Premium Dieselex-4 with ProFlow.

Click BELOW to hear C.J. Miller’s news report and interview with Mike Bradley, Business Development Manager with CountryMark, as he provides tips to help your diesel engines when temperatures dip below freezing.



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