Kettler Reflects on Time at ISDA, Looks Forward to Continued Work With Indiana Agribusinesses

It was announced earlier this week that Bruce Kettler will be leaving his post atop the Indiana State Department of Agriculture and becoming the president and CEO of the Agribusiness Council of Indiana.
“It has been my honor to serve the citizens and particularly the agricultural industry in the state of Indiana,” Kettler told HAT. “I really appreciate the opportunity that Governor Holcomb and Lieutenant Governor Crouch gave me. It wasn’t one that I expected, but it certainly has been an honor for me to be able to serve in that role.”
Under Kettler’s leadership, ISDA developed a rural economic development model and data access for rural economic development professionals and created strong growth in soil conservation with increased cover crop adoption.
Also, “We worked with the hardwoods industry to develop a new strategy for their industry that was well received, and I think very, very strong. My predecessor Ted McKinney, when he was in this role, there had been a dairy strategy put forth. We found and realized that we needed to update that strategy. So, as a department, we developed and worked on the Dairy Industry Strategy 2.0 that’s being worked on now.”
With the Agribusiness Council of Indiana, Kettler says he and the board of directors are looking to membership growth for the organization.
“Some people might just think of it as grain elevators, retailers and those kinds of businesses, but when we think about the future of the industry, technology companies become a part of it. Maybe reaching out to other related sectors that will be touched by the industry of agriculture. And that’s where I think from my perspective, I know there’s growth opportunities there.”
Kettler’s final day with ISDA will be January 6th. Lt. Governor Crouch says a search will begin immediately for his successor. Hear my full interview with Kettler below.

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