‘As I See It’ by Gary Truitt: Well, We Made it Through 2022

For most of us, we got a crop planted and harvested. We figured out how to deal with skyrocketing fertilizer prices and shortages of critical crop inputs — all with a shortage of new equipment and parts for the old equipment. Some folks even ended the year with some change in their pockets.

We managed through a war in Ukraine that disrupted markets and played havoc with world grain supplies and oil prices. There were also those fuel prices, unfathomable as the weather and equally unpredictable. But, after all, this is farming.

Many of our consumers don’t understand as they complained about higher food costs and supply shortages – most of which had nothing to do with agriculture. The media, of course, joined in stirring up food fears and spreading climate misinformation.

So, on the whole – a rather typical year!

What is ahead for 2023?

We will have some new players in Indiana agriculture – a new Indiana State Department of Agriculture director to be named, as well as a new Dean at Purdue University’s College of Agriculture, and a new head of Purdue Extension and 4-H programs. The governor’s race will also begin to take shape, and there could be a few new hats in the ring.

At HAT, we added three new members to our team in 2022: C J Miller, Elise Koning, and Molly Nichols. They will be making a big impact in the new year.

In Washington, serious work will begin on a new farm bill. A ruling, expected soon from the U.S. Supreme Court, promises to have a big impact on the livestock industry and food prices.

Hoosier Ag Today ended the year with some very good news. The latest listener ratings showed that, once again, more farmers listen to Hoosier Ag Today stations than any other farm media source. Despite all the chatter about social media, local radio is still the best source for agricultural information.

Thanks for listening in 2022 – and stay with us because who knows what 2023 has for us? Whatever it has, Hoosier Ag Today will be here to bring it to you.

That’s how I see it.

Gary Truitt

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not of Hoosier Ag Today, its employees, advertisers, or affiliated radio stations.


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