Huntington University to Launch New Vet Nursing and Animal Health Dual-Degree Program with Purdue

Nate Perry. Managing Director of the Haupert Institute for Agricultural Studies with Huntington University. Photo: C.J. Miller / Hoosier Ag Today.

Huntington University is teaming up with Purdue University to launch a new dual-degree program in Veterinary Nursing and Animal Health.
“To my knowledge, this is the only program across the country like this,” according to Nate Perry (shown above), Managing Director of the Haupert Institute for Agricultural Studies with Huntington University.
Perry says the brand new major is being offered as part of the partnership with Purdue.
“It’ll be a dual degree – a concurrent degree – offered at the exact same time where our students will earn an Associate of Applied Science degree in Veterinary Nursing from Purdue, which will be delivered digitally to our students while on campus – while they’re earning their Bachelors of Science degree in Animal Health from Huntington University,” says Perry.
“These students will be fully involved for all four years on the Huntington University campus going to our chapels and being a part of our campus community – while also having these wonderful experts from Purdue teach these courses in Veterinary Nursing while our students are earning their dual degree in this Bachelor of Science of Animal Health,” Perry says.
Huntington University Agricultural Studies students Paige Lee (left) and Savannah Grove (right) at the Fort Wayne Farm Show in January 2023. Photo: C.J. Miller / Hoosier Ag Today.

He says Huntington University also has a new facility that opened in 2020 to help students get hands-on experience while earning this dual degree.
“The Don Strauss Animal Science Education Center right there on campus is a million-dollar animal science center,” says Perry. “That space will be where our animal science students will spend time, as well as our vet nursing students. They will be able to do some of their work and hone their skills on campus.”
“The Huntington University Agricultural Studies program also has a cattle operation in Whitley County, about 15 minutes from campus, that we’re operating were students can learn. We’ll also use some of the area veterinary clinics we go to do some of those same types of work there,” says Perry.
Nate says Huntington University’s Agricultural Studies program has grown significantly in a short amount of time.
“We started the program eight years ago, and here we are eight years later and we are the fourth-largest department on campus,” says Perry.
“We also have nearly 35 graduates now who are out impacting our world for Christ,” according to Perry. “As a Christian College, that’s something we want to lead with. Our motto is “Faith, Family, and Farming.” That’s also been part of the growth is that resonates with a lot of families. They want their son or daughter to be at a place that takes their faith seriously, much like they do, and to be able to do that at an institution where we also talk about agriculture.”
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