Co-Alliance to Expand its Animal Nutrition and Swine Production Divisions with Legacy Feed

One of Indiana’s largest ag companies is expanding even further. Co-Alliance has announced plans to grow their animal nutrition and swine production divisions with the creation of a new company called Legacy Feed.
“One of our aspirations is being the largest swine management company in Indiana, and this gets us there,” says Kevin Still, President and CEO of Co-Alliance talking about the co-op’s new company, which is a partnership with Signature Farms based out of Milroy, Indiana in Rush County.
Still says the plan is to build a new state-of-the-art production facility in Henry County east of New Castle for the new feed manufacturing and swine management company.
“We’re going to build a new feed mill over in Millville, Indiana,” according to Still. “We’ll be feeding about an extra 760,000 pigs. We’re looking at the summer of 2024 to be up and running and producing feed.”
Still says the creation of Legacy Feed will continue to help diversify the co-op’s ag business portfolio for its farmer-owners.
“It’s going to allow us to continue to grow one of our core businesses, which is swine and animal nutrition over on the east side of the state,” says Still.
Tim Burke of Carroll County serves as Co-Alliance’s board chairman. He says the creation of Legacy Feeds and the new feed mill in Henry County will be a benefit, not just for Co-Alliance and its farmer-owners, but for all grain producers across   east-central Indiana.
“It’s a win-win for everybody. I think it’s also very exciting for the farmers in that area. If we’re going to build a new feed mill, they’ll have another place to sell grain and there will be more competition for their grain, so I think it helps that too,” says Burke.
Once the new Legacy Feed mill facility in Henry County is fully operational, it will support Co-Alliance’s other Indiana feed mill facilities in White County and in Whitely County with a 300,000-ton pelleted capacity and 1.5 million bushels of grain storage.

Click BELOW to hear C.J. Miller’s news report and interviews with Co-Alliance President and CEO Kevin Still and Board Chairman Tim Burke as they discuss the partnership with Signature Farms to create Legacy Feed and grow the co-op’s animal nutrition and swine production divisions.

Co-Alliance Board Chairman Tim Burke (left) with Co-Alliance President and CEO Kevin Still (right). Photo: C.J. Miller / Hoosier Ag Today.

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