Dairy Farmers Promote Breakfast and Dairy at Richmond High School

Taking the message of dairy as part of breakfast each day to Indiana students in schools is now a tradition during National School Breakfast Week. That week is this week and American Dairy Association Indiana visited Richmond High School to kick off the week Monday.
“It’s an initiative that’s very important for Indiana dairy farm families, starting your day off right and hoping everyone grabs some dairy as they’re starting their day,” says Brooke Williams, Director of Communications at ADAI. “So it’s a really cool event, an annual event that we do and it’s always fun to partner up with the Indianapolis Colts and bring some of their personalities here and really get the students excited about breakfast.”

Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders, Cornerback Stephon Gilmore, and Blue joined Indiana Dairy at Richmond High School. Molly Nichols/Hoosier Ag Today

That Colts personality was cornerback Stephon Gilmore, one of the best in the NFL and a former Super Bowl champion. He tells HAT he too gets excited about breakfast.
“I tell my wife all the time if I don’t have breakfast, I’m not going to have a good day. I love dairy and it is very important to have breakfast. I’m a breakfast guy because it starts your day off and puts your day on the right track. I’m very supportive of it and I feel if I’ve got breakfast I don’t even really need anything else for the rest of the day, so it’s very important.”
Williams says Indiana Dairy partners with the Colts to provide a breakfast cart to the school which was set up Monday.
“If kids aren’t typically coming into a cafeteria to get breakfast, the breakfast cart is a piece of equipment that can go anywhere in the school. This morning it’s right in the hallway so as students are getting off the bus they walk right past it and they can grab a yogurt. They can grab a piece of fruit, they can grab an ice-cold milk and head off to start their day, go stop by their lockers, and that way they have a full belly and can really be academically more successful.”
A little education is part of the appearance too. They make sure students know that one glass of milk offers 13 essential nutrients and 8 grams of protein along with that great taste.
Visit winnersdrinkmilk.com to see if your school can set up a visit with the Colts, and the HAT video is a great way to see Monday’s visit to Richmond.

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