Corteva Adds to Their Biologicals Lineup to Help with Phosphorus Management

The biologicals market continues to grow in agriculture and especially at Corteva Agriscience. Corteva recently launched Utrisha P, a biological that helps farmers increase the return on their phosphorus fertilizer investment by improving below-ground phosphorus availability.

Brandon Emery, Corteva’s U.S. biologicals product manager, introduces Utrisha P to media at Commodity Classic 2023. Photo: Eric Pfeiffer/ Hoosier Ag Today

Brandon Emery, Corteva’s U.S. biologicals product manager, explains that Utrisha P helps increase phosphorus access and reach throughout the growing season.
“So, it increases access by producing what’s called phosphatase enzymes. These phosphatase enzymes can take a soil bound phosphorus, break it apart, and put it into a plant available form for that crop to take up. The other way that it’s helping growers increase their phosphorus program is by reach. So, it actually has biostimulant properties so it’s increasing root growth. And when you can increase root growth, you can increase nutrient uptake for things like phosphorus, as well as water, increasing overall plant health.”
Utrisha P is just the latest biological in the Corteva portfolio for farmers to take advantage of. In 2021, Corteva launched Utrisha™ N, a biological to increase your crop’s nitrogen use efficiency and boost your yield potential.
“What’s great about our portfolio today is that we have products that can fit in both specialty and row crops. We’re helping growers in a variety of different ways when it comes to stress mitigation, nitrogen management, now with Utrisha P, we’re having phosphorus management. So, we’re trying to help growers improve their crop management plans.”
Emery adds, “We’ll have product available to sell and purchase here in 2023. It’s primarily an at plant application in corn and soybeans for this year. And so, reach out to your local retailer or Corteva representative to learn more about this product.”

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