USDA Announces Grassland Conservation Reserve Program Signup

The USDA announced that agricultural producers and private landowners can begin signing up for the Grassland Conservation Reserve Program now through May 26.

Among CRP enrollment opportunities, Grassland CRP is a unique working lands program, allowing producers and landowners to continue haying and grazing practices while conserving grasslands and promoting plant and animal biodiversity as well as healthier soil.

“Grassland CRP clearly demonstrates that agricultural productivity and conservation priorities can not only coexist but also complement and enhance one another,” says Zach Ducheneaux, administrator of the Farm Service Agency. “The strength of the program lies in its many benefits.”

More than 3.1 million acres were accepted through the 2022 Grassland CRP signup from agricultural producers and private landowners. That was the highest-ever level of signups for the program. The current total participation in Grassland CRP is 6.3 million acres.

For information or to signup, go to your local USDA Service Center.

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