A New Postemerge Corn Herbicide From Corteva

A new powerful postemergence weed control tool is here from Corteva. Kyro herbicide can be applied on corn up to 24 inches tall and controls more than 65 of the most difficult grass and broadleaf weeds, including waterhemp, Palmer amaranth, giant ragweed, marestail, and more.
“It is going to be a post only corn herbicide with three modes of action: acetochlor, topramezone and clopyralid, and it’s going to provide us really great flexibility on our corn post programs today,” says Kelly White, Corteva’s US Product Manager for corn herbicides.
The announcement of Kyro came shortly after their announcement of Resicore® XL, a pre-plant, pre- and post-emergence corn herbicide.
“We recognize that not every farmer is a one size fits all,” White explains. “Resicore® XL is going to be a great product for us and we are extremely excited, but Kyro being post only gives us that flexibility to build on our programs today. It allows that overlapping residual message in resistance management with that different HPPD product in the mix.”
White says the two solutions can work well together in a two-pass program with Resicore® XL being applied preemergence and Kyro applied post to help ensure clean cornfields through crop canopy for maximum yield potential.
“It also is very flexible, allowing us to go on non-GMO corn post and control a lot of the emerged grasses that today we would need glyphosate in the mix. So, it allows us to go into non-GMO corn with an additional product.”
Kyro herbicide is compatible with a wide array of tank-mix partners, including atrazine, glyphosate, fungicides, insecticides and micronutrients, allowing farmers to fully customize applications to their individual needs.
Kyro is available in limited supply for the 2023 growing season but will be more widely available for 2024.

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