Forecast Conducive to Put a Bow on Planting; Rain Eludes Indiana Until Late Next Week

“It’s my opinion that planting will be done by this time late next week.”
And that opinion comes from Hoosier Ag Today Chief Meteorologist Ryan Martin in his Seed Genetics Direct Planting Weather Forecast. According to him, our wide-open dry window stays open a while longer.
“We’re looking at sunshine, a blue sky, and above normal temperatures for the most part between now and next Thursday evening. Temperatures are going to be the warmest from late Memorial Day weekend right on through the middle of next week.”
Martin says humidity values climb Wednesday and Thursday, bringing instability to the atmosphere.

“Overnight Thursday night into Friday, I think we see some pop-up thunderstorms, showers. Same thing on Friday into Saturday: scattered showers and thunderstorms. We’re not really seeing an organized frontal complex at all. It’s just this instability. And I think it’s going to be enough to give us anywhere from a quarter to one inch combined from Thursday night through Saturday over about 80% of the Hoosier State.”
Martin says we’ll definitely be looking for rain come Thursday, so no complaints there. In his longer-term forecast, “
“We look for this unstable pattern to hold into that first full week of June as well. I won’t rule out some pop-up showers and thunderstorms, maybe not a lot, but it should be enough to allay these terms of ‘flash drought’ that we’ve heard pop up over the past couple of days.”
Get more details, maps and everything, from Martin’s Seed Genetics Direct Planting Weather Forecast later Friday at It’s also brought to you by First Farmers Bank & Trust.

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