Pivot Bio Reducing Synthetic Nitrogen on 5 Million Acres in 2023

Like many ag companies, Pivot Bio was born in a lab with the ambition to replace synthetic nitrogen fertilizer. After launching Pivot Bio PROVEN® to U.S. corn farmers in 2019, commercial agronomist Seda Klachko shared their big news with us at the Farm Progress Show.

“We just announced that we were on 5 million acres this past year. So, we are growing rapidly and seeing a lot of confidence being built in our product and just really establishing and growing those relationships with our customers.”

If you haven’t heard about Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40, Klachko explains how it works.

“So, we produce microbes that fix nitrogen directly from the air and they live on the roots and they feed the nitrogen directly up into the corn. So, they live off those root exudates and they can be put on in furrow or on seed, and it’s just delivering that nitrogen all season long directly to the plant.”

So, is Pivot Bio for you? Klachko says it is if you want to eliminate the need for extra equipment and field passes, saving you time and money.

“Every farm is different. Every soil type is different. So, it’s important to work with your agronomist to get those specific recommendations. But yeah, we can replace up to 40 pounds of synthetic nitrogen.”

You can learn more about Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40 at pivotbio.com.

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