How Indiana-based Taranis and AcreForward™ Intelligence Can Help Hoosier Corn and Soybean Producers in 2024

The Taranis team at the 80th National Association of Farm Broadcasting (NAFB) Convention in Kansas City. Photo: C.J. Miller / Hoosier Ag Today.

If you’re an Indiana corn and soybean producer, you’re already planning now for next year’s growing season. If you’re looking to maximize your yields in 2024, there is a company based out of Indiana that is using the latest technology and a team of advisors to help Hoosier farmers.

“Whether it’s a drone, a plane, or a satellite, Taranis is your best bet because we not only make sense of the data from your acres, but we bring the right partners to the table so you can engage with that data and make an actionable decision,” says Mike DiPaola, Chief Commercial Officer with Taranis, which is headquartered in Westfield, Indiana, north of Indianapolis.

His company has a platform called AcreForward™ Intelligence that takes scouting your fields to the next level.

“You can get a leaf-level view of every acre of your farm—understand your stand count, understand your weed pressure, and understand nutrient deficiencies and diseases,” says DiPaola. “What makes it even more powerful is if you’re a grower, now you can get the advice from your coach or from your trusted advisor opposite these beautiful images that are quantified of your field. So, it’s game tape for your acre. It’s understanding, ‘How am I performing? What can I change now to win this season?’ and ‘What do I need to repeat or change to do better in the next season?’”

DiPaola says AcreForward™ Intelligence gives you real-time data to your iPhone, Android, or table—to help you make decisions more quickly and with more certainly to get the most of your yields at harvest time.

“What it enables you to do is, ‘Can I get the start that I wanted? How is that hybrid performing? Was that the right seed treatment for me? Did I manage the weeds properly? How is it responding to the nutrition that I’m providing? Is it really withstanding the disease that it’s supposed to?’ says DiPaola.

“When you get to the combine, you know the result you got with AcreForward™ Intelligence by Taranis. You will have no doubt as to how to repeat the successes and avoid the failures and stop the yield robbers going into next season.”

Graphic courtesy of Taranis.

DiPaola adds that AcreForward™ Intelligence by Taranis was developed to bring people together and add to your team—not take the place of your team.

“If you’ve been in this industry, technology is always about cutting somebody out and getting a better price,” says DiPaola. “What our technology does is it brings people and information together so you can all make a better decision and can build a prosperous community. Everybody can be part of this and bring their skills to the table. What we see with our advisors and our growers, is they are using this technology to really test themselves and figure out how to get more from their acre and how to respect that acre, so they can use what they need to use and they can make sure that they’re doing what’s best for them, not only in the short term, but for the long term.”

DiPaola adds that Westfield and the central Indiana area have been the right choice for Taranis to locate its global headquarters.

“[Indiana is] a great economic environment to grow and a great place to be,” says DiPaola. “You know, there are a lot of great places throughout Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, and Illinois. It’s good to be around corn and soybeans and be part of the community. I’m from Howard County, Indiana, and Hamilton County is great, but we have people from all over—whether they come out of Purdue, whether they’re in Howard County or Tipton County—we’re able to draw from a lot of resources and we’re able to reach in and really use the best that Indiana has to offer to make sure that this global company continues to work. Even though we’re a global company, Indiana is just such a growing, important place to be. There’s not a better place to live, raise a family, and grow a crop.”

To learn more about AcreForward™ Intelligence by Taranis, visit

Click below to hear C.J. Miller’s interview with Mike DiPaola. Chief Commercial Officer with Taranis, from the 80th National Association of Farm Broadcasting (NAFB) Convention in Kansas City.





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