Pioneer Going From A to Z in Soybeans, Offering Even More Yield Potential


Pioneer is going from A to Z in the soybean seed arena, offering farmers a significant yield advantage and better disease resistance over their already very successful A-Series soybeans. Last week at Commodity Classic, Pioneer announced the commercial availability of their new Pioneer Z-Series soybeans.

“They’re bringing a 2.7 bushel per acre yield advantage over our industry leading A-Series varieties,” says Liz Knutson, Pioneer’s U.S. Soybean Marketing Lead. “Multiply that out by the market price of beans today and we’re talking about a $35 per acre opportunity for farmers. Those are real dollars. That’s years and years of pent-up genetic gain coming to the market all in one class.”

And that class is a big one. Pioneer is launching 50 new Z-Series soybean varieties in the U.S.

Knutson says that in addition to more yield, the new Z-Series soybeans feature improved scores in sudden death syndrome (SDS), brown stem rot, white mold, and iron deficiency chlorosis. They’ll also perform well against soybean cyst nematode (SCN), and Phytophthora.

As for weed control, “Enlist E3 eclipsed 50% of U.S. soybean acres planted in 2023 and Z-Series will come forward with Enlist E3. So, great, flexible weed control option for U.S. soybean farmers, packs a real punch to control tough to control weeds.”

Pioneer will offer limited availability of Z-Series soybeans for the 2024 planting season, with greater quantities available for 2025. Z-Series varieties will range from relative maturity 00.3 to relative maturity 6.4 – providing farmers across North America access to varieties that fit their needs.

“Farmers across the U.S. will see about a half a million acres planted to Z-Series in 2024,” Knutson says. “As we move ahead to 2025, over 50% of Pioneer’s volume sold in soybeans will be Z-Series varieties. So, lots of opportunity next year to take a look at these, but what I’d encourage farmers to do right now, if they’re interested, is talk to their local sales representative to see what they have available in saleable volume for this year. And then definitely get into the plots this summer. Find out- let’s prove it. Let’s look at yield. Let’s look at those agronomic disease scores and really see what Z- Series can do.”

To learn more about Pioneer® brand Z-Series soybeans, talk with your local Pioneer sales representative or visit

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