Nicer Weather Leads to Planting Progress in West Central Indiana

We’ve seen some nicer weather around parts of Indiana lately, including in West Central Indiana.

“We’ve been really fortunate in this last 10 to 12-day stretch here in the western part of my coverage area,” says agronomist Nick Hedden in this Pioneer planting progress update. “In Tippecanoe, Montgomery, Fountain, Warren, and Benton, we’ve had a great run, and we’re very blessed in that regard. We’re probably close to 80% planted for corn and soybeans.”

In fact, Hedden says he’s spoken with a few growers in Benton and Warren counties who wrapped up planting Monday.

It’s not all sunshine and planters rolling everywhere though. The eastern part of Hedden’s territory has had to be more patient.

“There are some growers up in White County that I visited with last week that they’re always a day or two away from field conditions being right and then a rain would happen. That’s kind of been the story of the year but patience will pay off.”

Hedden says we definitely have quite a few fields out there that have emerged and it’s really important to take early stand counts to make replant decisions.

“Obviously, we need to have enough population to maximize yield. The other key component when we’re doing stand counts is uniformity. So, you might have areas in the field that are below the threshold of what we want for minimum population to maximize yield within an area that will have acceptable stands. So, these can make for really difficult decisions and it’s important to conduct multiple stand counts throughout those fields to help make informed decisions on what to do.”

Hear more from Hedden in the full HAT interview below and reach out to your Pioneer representatives at

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