Co-Alliance Cooperative Launches ‘FFA Proud!’ Partnership

Co-Alliance Cooperative is helping to promote Indiana FFA with a $25,000 donation to the organization, as well as branding two of the tanker trucks in its fleet with a giant logo on the sides that reads ‘FFA Proud!’
“As it drives up and down the road, it’s a moving billboard for FFA, Co-Alliance and our CountryMark brands,” says Amy Kinsler, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Co-Alliance.
One of the trucks with the ‘FFA Proud!’ logo was unveiled this week during the Indiana FFA State Convention at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.  The two tankers will be seen all across the state as CountryMark branded fuel is being delivered to farms, schools and businesses.
“We’ll be covering over 100,000 miles with each one of these trucks independently, so that’s 200,000 miles a year that these will cover. We’re excited to see them in action. They’ll be on our rural roads, they’ll be on our interstates across Indiana and I think the whole community [and] the whole state will see these [trucks] moving up and down the road,” Amy says.

Co-Alliance board member Bill Peters (far left) and Co-Alliance Vice President of Sales and Marketing Amy Kinsler (far right) present a $25,000 donation to Indiana FFA State Officers. Photo: C.J. Miller / Hoosier Ag Today.

Amy says the partnership with is very important to help grow the next generation of Indiana’s ag leaders.
“As we look down the path, we’ve got a lot of growth on our horizon,” says Amy. “We’re looking to how we better service our farmer-owners and truly, Indiana FFA is creating our future workforce.”
Bill Peters, Tipton County farmer and Co-Alliance board member, says he’s proud that Co-Alliance is promoting Indiana FFA and helping to develop its members into the next leaders in Indiana’s agribusiness sector.
“It’s all about the future,” Bill says. “One of these days were all going to be replaced as leaders and it’s going to be these young kids who learn from FFA and be the leaders that we need in this country and this part of the state.”
Amy says that the co-op’s donation and its rolling billboards on their trucks will also help grow Indiana FFA and the leadership opportunities they provide.
“I think we’re all blessed to be in Indiana agriculture, but I think one of the shining stars of Indiana is our FFA and our FFA members across the state,” says Amy. “To me, this is a natural fit as we step in and help support and sponsor them moving forward.”
Click BELOW to hear C.J. Miller’s radio news report on Co-Alliance launching it’s new ‘FFA Proud!’ partnership with Indiana FFA.

Co-Alliance Vice President of Sales and Marketing Amy Kinser unveils the newly branded ‘FFA Proud!’ tanker truck before Indiana FFA members. Photo: C.J. Miller / Hoosier Ag Today.

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